Education is the most powerful weapon.

Everybody deserves a quality, comfortable and safety to use.

Ereipak education is purely based on knowledge enrichment. Ereipak education is committed to shape and nourished the young minds of Manipur to give a new generation where students can come out from present education system and gain more knowledge apart from competitive exams.

At the current scenario people have the concept of education is the production house for doctors or engineers leaving behind their moral knowledge, personality, sincerity and attitude. We Ereipak realize these issues to our modern education system and completely dedicated to restructure the education by inducing our abundant culture. To a great extend there is much association between this education and our culture. We believe when we study our culture and tradition, education is automatically created to everyone. We make students to understand our education is a continuous process since human exists. This how Ereipak is trying to bring reform to our society through education.

Therefore it is our high time to understand the needs of initiating culture in education. And this is the reason Ereipak education has been introduce among us.