Director Message


From the Desk Of CMD !!

Every person has his/her own turning point and mine was came when me and my wife almost lost our lives back in Saudi Arabia while making a trip. We were saved because unknowingly I borrowed my boss’s car with high safety features for the trip almost as if like it was God’s wish. On the road, we met with an accident but were saved miraculously. I took that as our new birth and realized how valuable our life is and how much we can give back to our motherland in a lifetime.

With that thought in mind, one fine day I had decided to come back home and to contribute my share for the society, hence the idea of ‘Ereipak’ was born. Selecting the name for this venture was never easy but I wanted to choose a name close to my motherland and yet unique, while going through many names, I stumble upon ‘Ereipak’ and loved it instantly.

I have started this business with an aim to build the society with foundation of HUMANITY rather than only COMMERCIAL objectives only. Looking at the current scenario it is very much visible how the humanity is degrading day by day just to earn extra money. The Idea behind building this company is to change this particular approach. It may sound easy but it wasn’t easy to build this ground which is so different from the rest in the race. I always believe in the saying that ‘Where there is will, there is a way’. With hard work and faith in God, I have achieve this far and we will continue the same.

Under Ereipak brand name will be catering to six different Divisions viz: Retail/supermarket, Education, Health Care, Skill development, Event Management and Tours & travels.

To begin with we have come up with our supermarket Division first and working hard to make it a big success. Although there are many supermarkets springing up in and around the city, I guarantee that our supermarket will give you the best assorted handpicked food brands with reasonable Price.

We are planning to set up chains of supermarket in every district in the next few years along with our other projects.

I promised that this company will always strive to go with humanity first and commercial later approach. We believe healthy people build healthy society thereby strengthens our state to defend every obstacle that comes our way.

I hope people of Imphal will love our company’s first venture Ereipak Supermarket at North AOC, Opp. to Kekrupat main gate and make it a big success. We look forward for your support as we’re nothing without your support. We, as a company, promised to serve the public with utmost care and will take in every feedback that comes our way to improve ourselves.

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